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SujanCarnival Furniture


At Sujan Carnival Furniture, we take pride in offering a diverse range of interior solutions designed to transform your spaces.

About us 

At Sujan Carnival Furniture, we transform spaces into extraordinary interiors. Step into a world where design meets functionality, and style complements comfort. With a passion for innovative interiors, we craft spaces that resonate with your personality and enhance your lifestyle.

Our Services

1. Interior Design & Consultation

2. Custom Furniture Design

3. Home Decor & Styling

4. Commercial Projects

Commercial Space

Residential Space

Residential Space

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Expert Designers


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After sales support

Why Choose us ? 

1.Expertise-Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen ensure top-notch quality and creativity in every project.

2.Personalized Approach-We understand your unique needs and preferences, crafting customized solutions just for you.

3.Quality Craftsmanship-Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail define our furniture, ensuring durability and style.

4.Timely Delivery:-We value your time; our projects are completed efficiently and within the specified timeframe.

Our Product Series

Realm series

Handcrafted Furniture made of solid wood celebrating the rich Indian heritage, craft, and culture. Each piece in this exquisite collection is a testament to the artistry and dedication of our skilled artisans. 

Passion series

Passion Series refers to furniture inspired from European furniture design language and made entirely from solid wood without any veneers or composite materials.

Gallop series

Gallop Series refers to furniture inspired from Turkish & Irish furniture design language and made from sturdy , durable solid wood frames and comfortable fabric-covered upholstery.

krida series

KRIDA Series adds a fun element to the kids’ room with an adorable range of playful and lively collections of kid's toys and furniture. 

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Comm. Plot-4, Ground Floor, Ward 6, Gandhidham, Gujarat 370201

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